Interview Questions and How to Tackle Them

The main objective of an interview is to judge whether a candidate has certain qualities like character,intelligence,self-confidence,attitude, and has the ability to express himself.Interviews have similar resemblance to many other endeavours in life and better a person tries to understand them more is the probability that he or she will come out with flying colours.

Tackling an interview for any firm or a B-school requires a thorough preparation by the individual.It is necessary to do a background research using different resources available on internet before entering the interview room.There are certain questions which are often asked in an interview.


1.Tell me something about yourself

This is the first question in any interview.A candidate must always be prepared with this question as an intelligent answer creates a good impression on the person who is taking the interview.A candidate must narrate his background,school,degree,previous jobs and his experiences.Also try to relate what has been done previously with the job he will do in the future.

2.The reason for leaving the last job

This question is to test a candidate’s attitude.Always answer this type of question in a positive tone even though if you had some major problems with management in your previous job.There should be a smile on your face and try to explain the benefits of the new job and how your skill set will help the new company.

3.What type of experience do you have in this field?

Keep the answer specific to the position or profile you have applied for and add some technical terms in your conversation to impress the interviewer.Moreover,if you already an expert in the particular field get as close as you can to explain them your accomplishments.

4.Do you think you are a team player?

Try to give examples which will justify that you are an excellent team player.Trying to show that you perform for the good of the team rather than yourself explains that you are a good team player.In addition it is an advantage if you successfully justify your leadership qualities.

5.What do you know about our company?

Before the interview glance through the company’s website and try to learn about its services and products.Also go through the achievements of the organization the current issues which it is facing.

6.What is your co-worker’s opinion about you?

It is necessary in such type of questions to talk of your core competencies like hard-worker,passion,enthusiasm,curiosity,creative mindset etc.Give an example telling that a friend of yours once said “He(you) has an insatiable curiosity and shows unparalleled enthusiasm in work”.

7.Why you want to work for us?

Try to explain how working with the company will help you in your career.Talk of things which you will learn on the job and the perks provided by the company.Be genuine while answering this question and try to relate it to your long-term objectives.

8.Any specific reason why we should hire you?

Mention your strong points and achievements which makes you suitable for the particular job.Further,focus on one particular major challenge and your achievement which will give an excellent reason.

9.What are your strength and weaknesses?

Positive attitude,Patience,Perseverance,Hard work,Creativity,Out-of-box thinking,etc comprises your strengths.In case of weaknesses, don’t describe your actual weakness but give an example telling them you are too much of a perfectionist or you are very punctual which is actually a strength but becomes a weakness in certain cases.

10.Where do you see yourself five years from now?

The best answer is to tell them that you would learn more and grow as a professional in their organisation.Try to explore different career options and become a specialist in the field which i like the most by gaining more knowledge from opportunities provided by the company.

4 Myths about Sororities

Are you planning to be a part of a sorority then you must have come across various myths floating around sorority life. There are stereotypical myths about sororities, which you find, not to be true when you join a sorority or when you have a better understanding of it. Here are some of the typical myths:

You have to pay for your friends


There is a common belief that when you join a sorority, you have to pay for your friends. It is not true at all. There is definitely a fee when you join a sorority, but that is not going to the pocket of your other friends there. There is a membership fee, but that is for social events and the maintenance of the national chapters of the sorority. It is not like that you are paying for your friend next door.

The experiences and the insight that you get is more than the monetary value you pay for being a part of a sorority. The sororities are definitely not the social clubs where you have to pay a fee to enjoy its facilities.

Sorority girls party all the time


This is another myth about sororities. There are movies about sororities which show the girls all made up and partying. Sorority girls are not partying and doing fun things all the time. There are parties for sure, but no one is compelling you to be a part of it. It is your decision whether you want to party or just sit and enjoy a movie, read a book or simply chat with your friends.

You have your own life and you can live it without any sorts of pressure. The simple fact that there is a grade requirement to be a part of sorority means that you cannot party all the time and have to spend good time studying to get the required grades. It all looks funny and interesting when you see sorority girls all made up, partying and doing interesting things in a movie, but in reality you will find no such things.



Many girls are afraid and do not want to be a part of a sorority as they think that they will have to go through hazing. They are not to be blamed. This is what the typical idea about sororities, which has been accentuated by movies.

You may have heard about hazing activities like being forced to do car washing, cleaning floors and other things which you may not like at all. The fact is that the sororities do not promote such activities, which is equal to harassment and even if someone feels too inspired by a movie and tries it to enact hazing others, then that person is very much liable for punishment.

All sorority girls are vain, fake and super rich


Nothing like this. There are all sorts of people in sororities as there are all sorts of people in different walks of life Some may like to party hard, but at the same time, some may like to study a lot. There is a discipline code and an extreme indecent behavior can never be allowed to be tolerated, so, rest assured, you will not find any such things as you may have heard about sororities.

Mobile apps for business management students

Who says students in business management can’t use apps for their mobile phone?

I know your impression for many business management students. Do you find them very serious? Yeah, most of them are, but it doesn’t mean that they are totally serious. They also have time to mingle with other people and have some fun. And what is good about them is they know how to find some time for fun, and a time to be serious. Well, let’s say most of the time they were really serious, because as the saying goes, they mean business. 

Specifically, the thing that most of them enjoy is their apps in their mobile phone. Well, let’s say most of these apps are meant for serious business matter, but not all of it. In fact, some of the softwares are also used by them for fun too. Basically, this article will give you some apps they need most and as well as for fun. 


1. Enhanced Push To Talk

Using the most reliable network, this can be used to connect the application and the employee. The software is actually easy to use, push to talk. Got it? Trust me, it connects fast.


2. AT&T toggle

As a student in Business Management, there are on the job trainings where they actually practice working as professionals. Along with this is to practice how to work in private. This software can do it all, including safeguarding the company asset. 

3. Evernote

evernote (1)
A person’s memory cannot remember all of the things he had done during the business hour. Thanks to this app, students can list all of those things including text, photos and and even voice messages. 

4. Google Drive

This app lets the users edit files from PC to tablet and to your smartphone. It is nice to have this software if you don’t like to carry your bag with your big size laptop like it’s a real burden to you. Oh, come on, many people want to have small items in their bag, right? The software has features that can only be downloaded in your Desktop PC.

5. Expensify

This app can keep track of business expenses and mileage, while letting users scan and upload receipts. This can be very useful for any business person. 

6. Square

This app transforms the way we pay through credit card by only using our mobile phone. Although there’s a sign-up fee or monthly bill by using this app for payment, they only deduct more than 2 % from each transaction, which is fine. Compared with the traditional payment, this app can really benefit you and your business. 

7. FormMobi

This is similar to digital clipboard that allows user to gather or distribute data even if you are working in the field. The electronic form is available online and interlink with other users connected to you. 

8. Atomic Web Browser

At first, you might have some violent reaction about this type of browser as other search engine can do this too, but there are unique features that this app has. One of these is that you can save the whole web pages for viewing offline. Have you encountered internet interruption that lasts for a day? This app can actually save you.

9. Angry Birds

The top eight apps may be use at school or at work, but at the end of the day each student has also time to have some fun too. Or, for instance you are waiting for a prospective customer to talk about the plan or any proposal. You can just sit back, relax and play this app while waiting for that “VIP”. All you have to do, is set the bird and hit that that blocks. Oh, come on, you do it!

10. Facebook Messenger

This app is very popular nowadays. Who do you think is the only person who has no facebook account? Well, that person might be lonely then, or has another app like this. Although it is true that this app is similar to one of the apps discussed above, student has to separate their business life from their personal life too.